Understanding Texting In Modern Relationships

Understanding Texting In Modern Relationships

Understanding Texting In Modern Relationships

by Marc Hayes

When considering a potential romantic partner in contemporary culture you must take into consideration the other person’s texting style. Opposing texting styles can be a deal breaker in today’s relationships.


Texting and Dating

Before the age of texting, relationships were primarily driven by face-to-face communication. The telephone played a major role, but it was for the most part merely a bridge to face-to-face communication. In today’s world of rapid-fire communication, texting is a major factor in relationships.


Texting Style

Your texting style is about how frequently and the wording of your text. If you meet someone that must text their partner three, four, five or more times a day and expect a response and you are the type that is satisfied either with not texting or with one text per day, this may not be a match.

Identify Your Style

It has become crucial to understand your own texting style and the texting style of potential partners.

If you have the time to respond to multiple texts daily and that frequency matches with your partner, then by all means move forward.

Balanced Relationships

Many relationships are based on mutual likes and dislikes. While a smaller number strive on difference. An even smaller number of relationships strive on balance. In order to achieve a balanced relationship, the two parties must be comfortable with themselves and with each other.

If you are involved with a person uncomfortable with themself, not responding to a text or responding in a manner that does not comfort the other person’s fragile sensibilities can cause havoc in a relationship.

Know Yourself And Study Your Partner

The key to a successful relationship is a healthy understanding of yourself. If your relationship is healthy a few missed and/or misunderstanding a few texts will never shatter a romantic bond.







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