The Uncomfortable Zone

The Uncomfortable Zone





The Uncomfortable Zone

by Marc Hayes

In order to achieve your really big goals, you must get out of your comfort zone and into your uncomfortable zone.

Commit To The Uncomfortable

Your desire to achieve your really big goals must outweigh your habit of staying in your comfort zone. We are creatures of habit and we adore the habits we have created to make our lives more and more comfortable. As a society, we have become slaves to comfort. Our enslavement to comfort has become even more prevalent in our contemporary culture of comfort. It’s very difficult to break-free from our old comfort-creating habits. As the saying goes, old habits die hard. However, for you to separate yourself from the masses you must do what is new and different and uncomfortable. In order to rise of above the masses you must do what the masses won’t do. In order to achieve on a higher level you must constantly make yourself uncomfortable by doing new things. You must constantly put yourself in a position to grow and expand.

Leap Of Faith

Faith as defined by is a “strong or unshakeable belief in something, esp without proof or evidence.” Religiosity has corrupted the word faith. You must have faith in you and your goals before you can manifest your goals.
It is impossible to work towards your goal if you do not have faith in yourself and in your ability to bring your goals into fruition. The issue is that we often lose faith and/or never had it to begin with. To have the faith to achieve big goals is a rarity among the masses. If you want to achieve ordinary goals your faith will be ordinary. If you want to achieve in an extraordinary manner you are going to need extraordinary faith in yourself and your goals. You will lose more living an ordinary life than you will gain dying for an extraordinary life. You are going to die. Why die living like the masses when you go out extraordinarily.

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