Secret Shoppers

Basic Package

Marc & Associates offers a basic secret shopper package that includes five shopper visits. You will recieve the summeries regarding each visit within 24 hours. The criteria for the package will be determined by you and your MHA salesperson. This package is customized to suit your business needs. The basic package starts at $1500.00


Professional Package

The Professional package is our most popular secret shopper package. The Pro package contains ten shoppers visits with summeries regarding each visit within 24 hours. The professional packages also includes a complete report designed to help your business improve customer service and suggestions designed to help you improve revenue and reduce losses. The professional package starts at $2500.00.

Full Package

The full package is our most productive package. The full package consists of 25 shopper visits with summeries within 24 hours. The full package also contains on-site training for your management and staff, manual design/redevelopment and full follow up. The full package starts at $5500.00



Why MHA Secret Shoppers?

We offer ways for your business to grow and develop.

The Best Way To Improve.

Secret Shoppers help you improve your quality of service, reduce theft and waste.

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