For Entertainment Purposes Only!

For Entertainment Purposes Only!

For Entertainment Purposes Only

Top-Tier Athletes And The Judas Goat Effect

By Marc Hayes

It has been a very busy week in the world of sports entertainment, racial inequality and social injustice. I mentioned all three because they all serve as distractions for a public conditioned to watch and complain instead of take action and achieve. The battle against police brutality, gender/racial inequality and social injustice will only be won through organized profit-driven sustained economic action by the public.

Dumb and Dumber

The newest NCAA scandal, that became public this week, reminds us that many top-tier athletes are not the most intelligent people on the public stage. How pro athletes protest should not be the model for informed members of the U.S. population. Despite the attention given to top-tier pro athletes are merely in your face to keep you distracted and sell you shoes. Professional athletes are for entertainment purposes only. Some top-tier athletes are given the platforms to voice their often sophomoric opinions by money-hungry shoe companies, pro sport franchise owners, corporate media and other predators, but their opinions do not amount to any sustained economic significance to themselves or their community of origin. This is because many professional athletes in the U.S. do not have the intellectual abilities to create long-lasting economic changes for themselves, their own communities or our nation.


Bread and Circus

Can you name one or a group of athletes that have opened a bank in your community? Can you name athletes that have created a school in your community? Can you name athletes that have accomplished what Akon has done in Africa? Why are so many professional athletes unable to maintain their wealth after leaving professional sports? Many top tier professional athletes are floated through college or grabbed up in high school and never develop the ability to create sustained wealth for themselves and their communities. Their purpose is to distract the public in same manner the Roman’s used bread and circus to keep the masses in check.


On Bended Knee

Kaepernick’s bended knee protest was designed to draw attention to police brutality towards the African-American community.  He has the right as a U.S. citezen to protest in anyway shape or form he sees fit. However, Kaepernick is ultimately responsible for the predictable consequences of his actions. He had to realize that protesting the national anthem and the flag places the spotlight on Eurocentric duplicity, hypocrisy and deceptions.  All of which are founding tenets of American culture. The owners of professional sports franchises make money by distracting the public and convincing them to purchase overpriced merchandise. The police and military protect the interest of professional sports franchises. In other words, the U.S. domestic police state and the military protect the interest of the wealthy.


Eat The Rich

There is a direct correlation between people who are brutalized by the police and wealth. The police in America mirror the U.S. military worldwide. The police do not brutalize the wealthy. The police do not brutalize those with the resources to protect themselves.  The U.S. military does not attack those nations with the ability and the resources to adequately defend themselves. U.S. only attacks those nations that are unable to do substantial damage in return. The U.S. domestic police state will only attack communities that are weak and unorganized. Kneeing before power is not the way to protest the U.S. Police state, the brutalization of poor communities, inequality or social injustice. The way to protest is through organized profit-driven sustained economic action. Will kneeling in protest build sustainable wealth or is it simply a conditioned response to the U.S. police state? Can you name a community that achieved sustainable wealth on bended knee? Do you believe Dr. King attained civil rights by taking a knee? Perhaps. What happened to Dr. King when he STOOD UP against wedge issue driven divide and conquer Eurocentric hegemony, imperialism and elitist world rule?

Fight Power With Power

The Japanese were bombed into the stone age by the U.S. during the Second World War. Did the Japanese protest on one knee or did they focus, organize and rebuild? Perhaps certain groups are exploited because it is easy to do so. Power respects power. In the early 20th century people would say, “you do not have a Chinaman’s chance.” After the Chinese obtained nuclear weapons and economic parady people stopped using that saying. People are just apes with the ability to deceive. If one group has the ability to rule over another by hook or crook or billyclub, isn’t that just survival of the fittest? Do we not equate intelligence with a person’s or a communities’ ability to provide for themselves and their families? Is not the accumulation of wealth intelligent? If a person, family, and community can be tricked into mindless consumerism, entertainment and amusements instead of wealth accumulation, does that mean they’re are less intelligent than those doing the tricking? Do you see the police brutalizing, imprisoning and killing the wealthy?
Which is a better show of resistence against state force, organized kneeling or organizing and buying an NFL franchise or two? If you want to Kaepernick to work organize and purchase NFL team and hire him.  If you want to stop the police from brutalizing your youth buy a city and entice people to come live in it. Imagine, if you will, hundreds of thousands of US citizen pouring into Baltimore with the goal of setting up schools creating businesses and providing opportunities for the youth. Once again, the police do not brutalize those that are organized and have the resources to protect themselves.

Someone once said “being born poor is not your fault, remaining poor is”. What is it when the majority of the earth’s population allows tiny groups of well-organized elitists to trick them out of their resources and abilities of self preservation?

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