Coaching Solutions
Six Initial Phone Coaching Sessions

Our coaching sessions are designed to help our clients clarify, attack and achieve thier goals. We offer two hours of telephone coaching session broken into six 30 minute sessions. The starting package costs $300.00.




Single Coaching Sessions

Once our clients have engaged in our two hour sessions we offer individual 30 minute coaching sessions to help solidify your progress. Coaching is a process that is constantly evolving as your grow and progress. To set up a coaching session click the Contact Us button below.

Cost $75.00

Special Needs Coaching

Marc Hayes and Assocaites offers special coaching sessions for our youth. These sessions are designed to help children under 18 years of age stay out of trouble and create a success driven attittude. 15 Minute phone coaching sessions start at $35.00.

Prison Group Coaching Sessions

Marc Hayes and Associates now offers group coaching sessions for our brothers and sisters that have been engulfed by the lucrative criminal justice system.

Non- Religious Coaching

Marc Hayes offers a non-religious based coaching style that is not steeped in fairy tales. Our coaching is designed to give our clients a realistic perspective for a very cruel world.

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Six Initial Phone Sessions $300.00


Single Phone Session $75.00


Special Needs Coaching $35,00

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